5G Channel Sounding, Reference Solution

Keysight’s 5G Channel Sounding Reference Solution consists of multiple hardware and software elements to provide wideband signal generation. This solution helps research engineers to advance 5G channel modeling at mmWave frequencies.

The test platform addresses the challenges posed by mmWave frequencies and wide analysis bandwidths for 5G channel capture and characterization. Researchers can determine the properties of a radio channel by understanding the impact of path loss, Doppler effect, and other issues on signal transmission. The solution easily scales up by adding Keysight up/down converters and digitizers.

5G Channel Sounding Reference Solution Benefits

  • Achieve breakthrough innovation using multichannel high-precision instrumentation
  • Reducetime-to-insightwith MIMO channel sounds and real-time data processing capability
  • Address evolving measurement requirements with one versatile test platform

Solution highlights

  • Comprehensive measurements of frequency response
  • Amplitude and unwrapped phase and group delay
  • Absolute path loss and power delay profile (PDP)
  • Angle of arrival (AoA)
  • Angle of departure (AoD)
  • Angular spread (AS)
  • Wideband transmitter and receiver test calibration including vector pre-corrections, IQ frequency response, IQ imbalance, and channel-to-channel skew for complete confidence in your measurements and decisions
  • Precise transmit/receive (Tx/Rx) timing and synchronization for high measurement accuracy when capturing and characterizing potential channels
  • Configuration and test tools for input/output (I/O) control, system-wide calibration, data storage, and streaming for the efficient characterization of
    complex 5G channels
  • Three standard configurations are available: 40 GHz and four channels, 40 GHz and eight channels, or 44 GHz and four channels. Custom solutions are available for higher frequencies, wider analysis bandwidths, and channel counts (up to 104 channels) to address a wide range of applications

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