5G Field Measurement

Early 5G field measurements for path loss and link budget verification

Keysight’s 5G Field Measurement solution is a complete system for early 5G NR radio propagation and coverage verification. These initial measurements give insights into 5G network propagation, creating data for use in more accurate network planning. Measurement data imported into the planning tool enables engineers to calibrate the propagation model, providing more accurate coverage prediction results.

5G Field Measurement Solution Benefits

  • Understand beam characteristics by measuring signal power level from base stations
  • Conduct early 5G coverage field testing in three simple steps
  • Accelerate time to market for 5G base stations by performing signal propagation and attenuation, band clearing measurements, and interference testing

Solution highlights

  • Sub-6 GHz and mmWave frequency coverage for measuring and verifying spectrum, reflection, and penetration in indoor and outdoor environments
  • Measurement of total channel power over bandwidth to evaluate and verify propagation models for different frequencies and to accelerate time to market for 5G base stations
  • Data post-processing; visualization, including spectrum view of the 5G signal, and analysis capabilities to ensure the usability of data and faster time to insight

5G gNB field test

5G operators and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) will need new OTA test tools for network and UE field test, as well as optimization tools to deploy and verify the performance of these networks. Keysight’s FieldFox handheld analyzer, combined with a phased array antenna, provides a unique, portable solution for measuring and analyzing the 5G air interface in the field.

Keysight’s 5G gNodeB (gNB) Field Test solution is based on the FieldFox analyzer. It provides complete tool kits for RF engineers and technicians to install and troubleshoot 5G networks. The solution serves as an all-in-one instrument that can be configured as a spectrum analyzer, real-time spectrum analyzer, cable and antenna tester, and more. FieldFox LTE FDD and 5GTF OTA can measure primary synchronization signal (PSS), secondary synchronization signal (SSS), and decode cell ID, which are key parameters to measure the effective 5G coverage.

Since 5G control channels are based on beamforming and are not always on, this can make it challenging to determine the location of the 5G signal. Switching to real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) mode on the FieldFox can quickly and reliably detect 5G signals, detect control channels, and provide insights into beamforming performance.

5G Phased Array Field Test Solution Benefits

  • Understand gNB beam characteristics by measuring signal power level across azimuth and elevation from base stations
  • Reduce measurement complexity with integrated RF probe and phased array solution to capture energy radiated from gNBs
  • Calibrated-grade mmWave phased array antenna simulates 5G UE antenna performance
  • Phased array performance verification showing boresight, polar antenna pattern with compass, and heat map (azimuth vs. elevation)

Solution highlights

Features continuous frequency coverage from 5 kHz to 50 GHz
• Serves as an all-in-one instrument: spectrum analyzer, cable and antenna analyzer, real-time spectrum analyzer, LTE and 5GTF over-the-air demodulation, independent signal source for path loss measurement, power meter, GPS
• Records data with GPS information; plays back recorded data on the instrument or offline on a PC


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